Mahedi Hasan

Full-stack Developer

Front-end Developer

Back-end Developer

Mobile and Web App Developer

Mahedi Hasan
Mahedi Hasan
Mahedi Hasan
Mahedi Hasan
Mahedi Hasan
Mahedi Hasan
Mahedi Hasan

Full-stack Developer

Front-end Developer

Back-end Developer

Mobile and Web App Developer

About Me

Drawing upon my diverse industry experiences as a Full Stack Developer, I have had the privilege of contributing to mobile, web, and cloud development projects, encompassing the entire development lifecycle from initial analysis to successful production deployment. My journey in this field has honed my proficiency in a wide spectrum of programming languages and has cultivated my skills in both front-end and back-end development.

Furthermore, my journey as a Full Stack Developer has equipped me with extensive experience in the realms of database management, cloud technologies, version control, CI/CD pipelines, rigorous testing methodologies, and seamless API integration. My deep-rooted understanding of clean architecture, microservices, and industry best practices has empowered me to architect innovative solutions and propel technological excellence. I am committed to leveraging my knowledge and experience to tackle complex challenges and drive the evolution of technology.

  • Residence Vancouver, BC
  • Education Bachelor in Computer Science & Engineering
Proud Projects
Deen Islamic App:

With 250k+ users and an average 4.9* rate, I proudly developed and maintained the highest-rated Deen app on Android and iOS. The app ranked in the top 2 in the lifestyle category in Playstore. 

Technology used: Flutter, Node.js, AWS EC2, AWS s3, OneSignal Push Notification, Geolocator, SQLite, Audio Service, and more. 


Google Play  ||  Appstore

Open Source Ecommerce Web App:

Develop an open-source e-commerce application utilizing industry-leading technologies such as React, Firebase, axios, daisy ui, and tailwind css, among others. This robust application is presently leveraged by numerous online retailers, serving as a reliable and efficient platform for their digital storefronts.


Live Demo  ||  Github

Skills and Development Stack
Fun Facts
Academic High Distinction
Open source contributor
Team player 1+1 = 3
Quick Learner
Full Stack Developer
2023 - Present
Full Stack Developer
Epic Safety Inc. Vancouver, Canada

Designing and building scalable backend components using Node.js and TypeScript, front-end development with React and TypeScript, implementing REST APIs, working with databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, DynamoDB), and utilizing various AWS services (AWS IoT Core, AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation, AWS EC2, S3, AWS ECS) is essential for developing cloud-connected life IoT safety devices.

Software Developer
Software Developer
Otto International (Hong Kong) Limited

Utilized a range of technologies [Flutter, React, Node.js, Angular, WordPress, Spring, Azure, AWS, MongoDB, Postgres SQL] to develop innovative solutions, including order management system, Intranet system on WordPress with Azure OAuth2, Flutter for mobile apps, and Node.js & React.js for an advanced chat system and managed AWS services. Provided comprehensive technical support and consistently delivered innovative solutions aligned with stakeholder needs.

Web Developer
Web Developer
Eco Network, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Designed and developed a dynamic, mobile-responsive website for Eco-Network, a global youth-led organization promoting environmental sustainability. Enhanced user experience with interactive features and multimedia using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Leveraged MERN stack technologies to create innovative climate projects and applications for sustainable practices. Provided IT support, resolved hardware and software issues, and boosted member engagement in various countries. Customized WordPress plugins and themes for improved website functionality. Conducted environmental research to address climate change, air quality, and water pollution.

Computer Science and Engineering
2017 - 2021
Computer Science and Engineering
Bachelor || BRAC Univeristy

Completed BSc in Computer Science and Engineering with a high distinction (CGPA 3.7 out of 4.0 ).

• Included in the Dean's List twice and the Vice Chancellor's List twice.

• Developed technical skills and knowledge through hands-on experience in software development.

• Studied subjects such as Programming Language, Data Structures and Algorithms, Object-Oriented Programming, Digital Logic Design, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Organization and Architecture, Database Systems, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Web Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Graphics, Theory of Computation, Algorithms and Complexity, Cryptography and Network Security, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Computing, and Internet of Things, Advance Modern Physics and Math and more.

Demystifying machine learning models for IoT attack detection with explainable AI

IoT's rapid growth brings cybersecurity challenges, and the paper proposes an Explainable AI model using Xg-boost classifier and tools like Shap, Lime, and ELI5 to enhance trust and understanding of IoT attack detection by analyzing feature contributions and actions.

2013 - Present
Udemy || Coursera || Edx || KodeKloud
  • Completed course on "Flutter Development Bootcamp" by Dr. Angela Yu
  • Completed "AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03" from Stephane Maarek.
  • Completed course on "Computer Networking" Google
  • Completed course on "Effective communication in workplace" from Otto International
  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • AWS Cloud Infrastructure
  • Flutter & Dart
  • React, Angular, HTML, CSS
  • AWS EC2, Lambda, RDS, S3, SNS, VPC, CloudFormation, IAM
  • Git, CI/CD, BitBucket, Github, Gitlab
  • Jira, Microsoft Planner, Confluence
  • MySQL, POSTGRES, DynamoDB, MongoDB, GraphDB
  • -----
Programming languages
  • JavaScript
  • Dart
  • TypeScript
  • Python
  • HTML & CSS
  • Kotlin & Swift
  • English
  • Bangla
  • Hindi
The code you write makes you a programmer. The code you delete makes you a good one. The code you don't have to write makes you a great one."
Mario Fusco
Principle SE, RedHat
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