Why Is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Important For Your Business?


Producing website traffic via Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, and even pay per click advertising is an excellent start for a digital marketing strategy, but certainly not a guarantee that visitors will be performing the action that matters most – converting to customers. For this problem, we aim our focus on CRO marketing.

What is CRO in marketing?

Conversion Rate Optimization marketing or CRO marketing is the systematic process of improving the percentage of visitors to your business website who take the desired action like subscribing to your mailing list, filling out a service quote form or personal information form, registering for a webinar or seminar, sign up for a newsletter, subscribe to a software, purchase a product, hire a service, answer a survey, take any action a page is designed to encourage, download a free e-book, give a feedback etc.

With the average Return on Investment (ROI) from CRO tools estimated at 223% and 59% of business respondents stating that CRO is vital to their overall digital marketing strategy, means the topic is undoubtedly one worth exploring.

In a nutshell, conversion rate optimization matters because it maximizes the performance of your digital marketing efforts.

What is the purpose of conversion rate optimization?

The purpose of conversion rate optimization is to make your website more efficient at driving visitors toward your business goal. You should have every element of your business website working together, from the theme, layout, and design to the text and images, as well as infographics, videos, plugins, etc.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is about to find the exact combination of elements that will work together to maximize your website conversions. This means that every component of your business website must be correctly considered to determine if it’s optimal for your targeted audience. This will require looking at your small business website with fresh eyes, and from the top bottom, from the title and navigation to images, texts, infographics, videos, graphics, multimedia and everything else visitors to your website will experience.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is about ensuring that every single part of your site is the best it can be like and that the whole site drives to generate leads, sales, revenue, or all of the above.


Why Don’t Many Business Owners Focus On Increasing Website Conversion Rates?

These are the five main reasons that many business owners do not focus on increasing their website conversions:

1. Increasing website traffic is easier than increasing site conversion rates: To increase your lead generation and offline sales, you qualify your staff, re-organize the store or products or services, run incentives, and conduct online customer surveys. In contrast, it is a lot easier to boost your Pay per click campaign budget or daily ad-spends; thus increasing the traffic to your website. Setting up paid advertising campaigns requires little effort for most business or companies.

2. Many businesses failed at conversion rate optimization: We see it all the time. Businesses launch a new conversion rate program hoping to increase their lead generation, as well as online revenue. That’s why they jump into testing right away. They don’t follow a methodology in optimization. They randomly select business website’s pages to test, randomly test elements on these pages and never analyze the results of their tests. After a few months, with few failed attempts, they shut down the service. If you think about it, there is not a problem with CRO in this plot. There’s a problem with the way these businesses approach conversion rate optimization. Random marketing doesn’t work in any campaign.

3. Increasing conversion rates is complicated: Increasing your business website revenue requires you to contemplate and understand visitors’ cognitive progression as well as to provide them with that required information. It requires you to concentrate on human behavior on your business site, which is not an easy task. Many businesses shy away from addressing this issue.

4. Increasing conversion rates requires responsibility: Just like any other type of digital marketing program, conversion rate optimization is a long-term commitment. CRO is not a very easy task you to turn on and off. Many businesses fear to pursue a new project unknown to them, but, eventually, this is a numbers game. It is about calculating how much revenue CRO will require you to invest and what ROI you should expect from it.

5. The Ego problem: CRO gives your visitors a clear picture of the design process of your business website. The more analysis and testing you conduct, the bigger the picture of the visitor will be on your website. Someone in your team may discover the stark contrast between his/her ideas of what is working best and the visitors’ actual interests.

Why is conversion rate optimization important for your business?

No results are ever obtained in online marketing without a “conversion.” Depending on what type of business website you have and what your goals happen to be, a good conversion could mean something different from one marketer to the next.

If you have your landing page with a web form, for example, a form of submission would be considered a lead as well as conversion. eCommerce sites will be more interested in sales conversions. Some business websites may want more email subscriptions or phone calls to the office.

The definition of conversion should be established very early on when developing your digital marketing campaigns. However, once those are defined, your next action will be to turn your business website into a “conversion machine.” This means the amounts of leads you collect, the sales you make, and revenue you earn. Whatever your definition of conversion is, CRO is about to improve your results as much as you possibly can.

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Done correctly, conversion rate optimization (CRO) can help you generate a monster subscription list, help you to sell out of your inventory, and increase your bottom line beyond your expectations. The conversion optimization agency at Mahedi Media has helped hundreds of businesses (big and small) improve their conversion rates and grow their bottom line.