Why Is Influencer Marketing Important For Your Business?


What is Influencer Marketing?

Before venturing into what influencer marketing means, it will be to our best advantage to understand what/who an influencer is. In today’s world of social media marketing and the trends that follow suit, a lot of people have the misconception of being a popular figure on social media by the way of having large followers on these platforms as being an influencer and by so doing employ the service of such individuals or group to handle their marketing.

Meanwhile, to be an influencer transcend having the usual large number of followers on your different social media handles to include the ability to influence people’s thought and perception about a particular issue or thought. They are people that command respect among the populace in one way or the other in every sector or section of the society.

In relation to marketing, however, an influencer marketing is the use of these set of people (influencers) in promoting your sales both online and offline, this gives your business a wider coverage and leverage on the popularity and acceptance of an influencer to boost your reach and sales.

Selection and usage of an influencer to promote and market your business is dependent on several factors, part of which are…

(1) The influencer outreach: the extent at which they can market your product or value in term of the numbers of people and the larger part acceptance of such product or value.

(2) Trust: the level of trust from both angle at which the influencer posses. For example, if you have a deep trust in an influencer due to their trustworthy attitudes and dispensation, this will give you more confidence and also boost the morale of such. But most importantly, the level of credibility the influencer posses among his/her audience pay a greater role in considering his/her recruitment to market your goods.

(3) Salesmanship is another factor you need to look out for in recruiting a marketing influencer. They must possess the ability to convince a large number of people, be able to do follow up either by market survey or any other means to get the evaluation.

Why is Influencer Marketing important for your business?

There are many ways at which influencer marketing is so important to your business, some are;

1. It gives your market a wider coverage beyond your immediate environment and beyond the shore of your country if you are an international marketer.

2. It increases your customers’ base, as this will make people from far and wide getting to know you through the influencer engagement.

3. It builds trust and credibility for your product. Imagine an influencer with a large number of loyal followers over the years recommending your product for his/her followers or audience; the same loyalty will propel them to transfer the same level of trust and credibility to your page/shop.


How to use Influencer Marketing to grow your small business?

There are several ways to make use of influencer marketing e.g.

a. To promote a new product.
b. To develop a personality through influencer by sharing your page.
c. To launch a page, product, or event.
d. To drive traffic to your page, event, or show.
e. To promote a course, e.g., education funding, health awareness, etc.

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